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Glossary of Terms


“Merchant” shall include the shipper, the consignee, the owner of the goods, the receiver of the goods, the holder of this Bill of Lading, any person entitled to possession of the goods or this Bill of Lading, the person for whose account the goods are shipped and anyone acting on behalf of such persons.


mean the cargo accepted from the Merchant and include the containers and/or rolling equipment not supplied by or on behalf of Carrier.


“Package” includes the container when goods are shipped in a container, the skid or pallet when goods are shipped on a skid or pallet and stuffed in a container and the container is adjudged not to be the package for purposes of the Carriers limitation of liability, skids or pallets when goods are shipped on a skid or pallet but not in a container, vans, piece, shipping unit, machine or article of any description, whether or not enclosed or boxed in whole or in part, trailers, pallets, aircraft, flat racks, trucks, automobiles, shipping units, pieces, machines, articles, animals, pieces, transportable tanks, or other items of transportation equipment, and all articles of any description, except goods shipped in bulk. Governmental documents such as Shipper’s Export Declarations shall not be considered as an expression of intent of the parties’ definition of package as herein defined.

Customary Freight Unit

“Customary freight unit” shall mean each physical unit or piece of cargo not shipped in a package, including the articles or things of any description whatsoever, except goods shipped in bulk, and irrespective of the weight or measurement unit employed in calculating freight charges.

Through Bill of Lading

“Through Bill of Lading” shall refer to this contract of carriage when it covers the carriage of the goods from the place of receipt from the Merchant to the place of delivery to the Merchant by the Carrier plus one or more underlying carriers.

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